When it comes to internet connection they are all almost the same with each other. Sometimes their difference with each other is in terms of their service provider. Some of them offers cheaper monthly plan but the speed sometime varies on your location. AT&T High speed internet is widely use in the United State of America, when you read the reviews about this high speed internet its true about its speed compare to other but they are all the same that sometime there's a lot system failure.

There are lots of negative comments about At&t high speed internet and with its bundled phone the survey said that almost 75% of America's internet provider are more reliable. That At&T high speed internet may be the problem of the company who own the system provider. Sometimes the technology is good but becomes poor because of its operator. If we review and analyze the good things offers by this company there is nothing wrong with the system but you will experience it once you're using it.

AT&T high speed internet is a big company that provides not only internet connection and phone connection, they also have some devices like phones. And like other wireless company they offers wifi so that when you already is a subscriber,  even you leave your home you still have an internet connection.

So as I've said earlier all internet connection are the same we have to choose what fits to our life style if we are heavy internet user we should choose the best internet service provider. As for now AT&T High speed internet is a strong company and still they are the internet service provider that is widely use in United States of America in spite of negative comment they are still one of the leading company that provide high speed connection. We should always remember that if their company is not a good company they will not be as successful as they are today. May be some of the negative comment that are there in the internet are from their competitor that will never know the truth until we experience what they taking about. If there is negative comment out there about AT&T high speed internet there are  also good comment about how AT&T high speed internet provides a good service to them so in this case having and using an internet connection also depend on the user, hardware , location and other important matters regarding to internet connection.